Basic Human Physiology

Wahlfach: Basic Human Physiology

  • Angebot: Wintersemester, Sommersemester
  • Kapazität: je Semester 2 Gruppen á 15 Stud. (Mindestteilnehmer: 10)

Bei zu geringer Teilnehmerzahl findet das Wahlfach nicht statt.


English is the international language of science including medicine. Essentially all major new developments in any field of medicine is first published in English. In order to keep himself informed about the latest developments in his fields and in order to be independent of more or less competent experts and professional opinion leaders each physician should be able to read and comprehend medical literature written in English.

Learning objectives

The seminar is intended to practice the reading and comprehension of medical texts written in English. Students signing up for this course should be able to maintain a casual conversion in English. Special knowledge of scientific or medical English is not required. The texts will be taken from a standard English textbook of human physiology and will deal with subjects that are directly relevant for the German "Physikum". Literature (usually 10 – 20 pages per topic) will be provided.

Certificate and Grading

A certificate (Schein) will be given to those officially registered students who have attended at least 85 % of the seminars and who have given an oral report. The report and the student's active participation during the seminars will be graded. The tutor will use these grades to form a final grade.

Participating institutes

  • Institute of Physiology,
  • Institute of Pathophysiology


Rainer Rettig

Professor Dr. med. Rainer Rettig

Institut für Physiologie
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